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5824 Whitesville Rd
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Goodwill in Columbus GA has never been easier to find.

Goodwill in GA is a non-profit organization which has numerous thrift stores located throughout the world with headquarters in Rockville Maryland and founded in 1902 by Edgar Helms. It originally started as a ministry outreach in Boston Massachusetts where Edgar was a pastor. Him and his congregation would collect household goods and clothing that were destine to be thrown away, so they repaired the items and provided people in need with these items.

All of the items donated to Goodwill are placed for sale in more than 2600 stores throughout the world as well as online at The revenue from the items are used to help those in need succeed and help them with employment. They have helped over 165,000 people obtain employment which greatly helps support the community overall. They have helped many people jump start their careers from IT to banking to education.

Goodwill accepts almost all donation but has numerous donation policies in place to adhere to their protocol and won't accept items like: auto parts, damaged furniture, household goods, hazardous materials and others. Mainly they accept clothing, books, dishes and furniture in good condition. Most of the donations are a tax write off but depends on the laws in that area.

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